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The name's Prime. I love illustration, animation, writing and gaming. I'm currently working on a graphic novel to try and break into the comic/animation industry. I'm also an extremely talented, yet modest voice actor for Team Tamago. Peace out homies!

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Posted by Primebuster - January 31st, 2010

Hello guys and gals! Prime here just wanting you fine folks to know that, no, we haven't dropped of the face of the planet in fact, we've been busy doing a podcast! It's only 4 episodes deep, but episode 1, 2 and 3 are half an hour, and episode 4 is an hour long. Filled to the brim with gaming comedy, its almost like a radio sitcom.

We're almost finished episode 5 which will be, as always, Stupidly Epic%u2122. You can find us on iTunes HEREor for our general RSS feed you can go HERE.

Have a fantastic day, people. And if you enjoy it, let other folk know about it too! :D


Posted by Primebuster - March 16th, 2009

Hey everyone, don't forget that if you enjoy the cartoons TeamTamago animates, you should totally check out the official Team Tamago website. MNNA is the place to go if you want more silliness, and great voice-acted cartoons ;) Theres a full length 20+ minute cartoon up there as well. What he co-authors with me here is the tip of the proverbial iceberg! (it's great of him to set me as a co-author, because I really don't bring much to the table. He works dilligently in all areas of his work and all I do is pitch in with funny ideas that may or may not work in the cartoons he makes, and voice act for him.)

I give this task, not as an enemy, not even as a peer. But as a friend.

And friends share good things with friends. So here's what kratos would look like if he were a Patapon.

I love you all, you've been a wonderful audience.


Don't Forget!

Posted by Primebuster - July 12th, 2008

First, I'd like to point out that icon. Look at that Icon, the little yellow face that looks surprised and scared. That is the single greatest icon I've ever seen in my life. Anyway, My name on this place is Primebuster, but y'all can call me Prime. I'm a graphic artist with an advanced diploma in interctive graphic design. That's around third year of university standard. My passion is in illustration, voice acting and writing. I'm not much of an animator, so you probably won't see much, if any, submissions by myself. I work alongside 'teamtamago' co-writing and voice acting in the majority of his animations, and I'm currently working on my own website and comic book series.

I'm a born again Christian with a good sense of humor, I love my God and long walks on the beach and I'm not looking for a relationship. See what I done there? I made it look like I was applying to a dating agency. I'm not though.

Anyway you should check out teamtamago's own website if you liked his metal gear collab entry. Did I mention I do a lot of the voices?

www.ninjaadventures.co.uk is where you can find it at. A lot of things other then Ninjas, too. Some witty videogame based cartoons and a lot of randomness.