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I liked the animation, the backgrounds were well done, reminded me a lot of the painted style in Samurai Jack. There was a little distortion in the voice acting but that's okay I suppose. There was a LOT of acting and animation in this one. Music was great as usual and of course the story was very very silly. "So stupid, it's epic." you might even say.

that was awesome!

You have some serious talent, dude. Forget unlocking potential, I'm surprised NG hasn't picked you up to be alongside Egoraptor! The voice acting was of a high quality and the animation was frame-by-frame bliss for my soul.

The best bit was when the old lady got hit with a car and she flew away with no blood, but there was blood smeared on the ground! Realism needs to take a lesson from you, kind sir.

You my friend, are going places!


Better than I expected!

I have to say, I half expected it to be a rushed job for only 2 days work, dude! But even with only 2 days to get what I recorded as audio into an animated form, it turned out amazingly well :D Ha! I thought you were going to replace the sound effects i did with actual proper ones. This makes it funnier though!

(On a side note, thanks to all the folk who likened my voice to Fozzy and FredFred Burger, I LOVE those characters. I can spell mah name reaaal good. F R E D F R E D B U R G E R. Fredfredburger - yes!)

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Really good game

Quite violent and all that, but I love point and click adventures, It's such an underused genre nowadays, I'd love to see more games like this on the pc and consoles. Think of the possabilities!

Also, it reminded me a lot of that game with the slug thing that kills people and gets bigger. Can't remember the name, but yeah its as awesome as that one. Thanks for submitting it and I hope to see more soon!

Not bad.

Its a game, it has game mechanics like hit points, interactive buttons to press with various results, a hero and an antagonist, as well as a simple storyline. So it's pretty much exactly what its intended to be.

If you could be more clear about what the project's aim was, I could be more constructive, but yeah, as barebones as it is, It's pretty good. Pretty much the mechanics of a pokemon style battle scenario right there.

One thing I will mention though is that you could keep clicking the first button to restore your health and have the ability to use your MP again. Which made it impossible to lose. Other than that, though, pretty solid work. 8/10 for concept to completion and 4/5 for it working properly etc etc.

looks good, but...

I hate the control scheme, I spent ages sorting out my joy2key only to find out that you must aim with the mouse... whassupwit'dat?

Next time you program a game please ensure that traditional platformer players will be able to play as well. whether its using directional buttons to aim, or keeping the aiming limited, so long as the only aiming option isnt the mouse.

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Not bad... but not amazing either...

It's "alright" but theres something keeping me from giving it any higher a score... i think how repetitive it is and just when you think it MAY go somewhere it goes back and does nothing all over again... You pretty much copied and pasted 2 or 3 common sequences and then filled it up with some slow ambient notes to make it seem like it had depth. Keep at it though dude, you might have some untapped potential in there!

Peace out homeslice!


Horsenwelles responds:

its a very "robotic" piece in the factory sense of the word. i completely agree with everything you said.

Game vibes :D

You have a serious game vibe happening in your music, dude, Ive listened to 4 tracks including this one, and your stuff seems like an introduction to stuff like "Bombfunk MC's"

If you haven't heard of them, check them out, They have a pretty sweet game-like grove to them. You'd probably like.

DaBomber60 responds:


Bombfunk MC is actually hell good!

Thanks for the review


The tune reminds me like of a remix of something from silent hill, like when everything crashes together, really mechanical and precise. You can go a long way if you keep practicing with these kinds of instruments!

Yes, I agree that the tunes can be a bit repetative, however, theyre awesome for what they are!

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DaBomber60 responds:

Thankyou, you are a champion!

The name's Prime. I love illustration, animation, writing and gaming. I'm currently working on a graphic novel to try and break into the comic/animation industry. I'm also an extremely talented, yet modest voice actor for Team Tamago. Peace out homies!

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